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Word Example of - dip

    Example Sentences for dip

    Dip the slices first into the egg, then into the pan of bread-crumbs.

    Dip the celery in flour and in the paste for frying (No. 58) and fry in fat or oil.

    We dip our pitchers in these fountains to come away overspilling with satisfaction.

    Or else dip in flour and then in beaten egg, wrap in bread crumbs and fry.

    But during the race there was a critical moment as the horses entered the Dip and his jockey was seen to move in the saddle.

    Dip the pigeon in the butter and egg and keep it until it absorbs them.

    Dip in beaten egg and then in fine crumbs, and fry until golden brown in hot fat.

    Then place them in a skimmer (ladle with holes) and dip in boiling water or broth.

    Having strained this water, they dip the feathers and hair into it, which it is their custom to dye first yellow, and then red.

    Then dip in flour and fry like the other fish in oil or in butter.

Word Origin & History of - dip

    Word Origin & History of dip

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