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Word Example of - diploma

    Example Sentences for diploma

    Her diploma came just before she passed to her eternal home, and her memory will ever be revered in our circle.

    Through Mr. Washington's intercession for him Tate got his diploma.

    The latter replies that he does not want treasures or honours, but a diploma drawn up in legal form.

    To be received in the Countess Bezukhova's salon was regarded as a diploma of intellect.

    I did not know it then, but that word p. 120from him would have been as good as a diploma for me in Paris.

    "I have a diploma issued by the College of Padua," said the other promptly.

    She brought out her diploma and a certificate giving her a civil-service status.

    What difference does it make where your diploma's from to jays like these?

    Afterward he filled the chair of a professor in the college where he received his diploma.

    And you gave him victuals and drink through your diploma case!

Word Origin & History of - diploma

    Word Origin & History

    diploma 1640s, from L. diploma, from Gk. diploma "license, chart," originally "paper folded double," from diploun "to double, fold over," from diplos "double" + -oma. Specific academic sense is 1680s in English.

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