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"dire Synonyms"

What is a better word for dire? What's another word for dire? What are 5 "dire synonyms"? How can I replace the word dire? What is the meaning of dire in English?

Word Example of - dire

    Example Sentences for dire

    These, if unsettled by dire arbitrament of the sword, must be left to Time and his best coadjutor, "sober second-thought."

    They were a kissing family, and after that dire event the habit had taken a fresh spring.

    Once more Agamemnon's dire lot is told with some new incidents added.

    Washington himself says the act was prompted by a dire necessity.

    She said she had dire need of him, and she told him that the king had sworn that no harm should come to him.

    He meant to speak to Angela, though she took the compliment as a dire insult.

    The transfiguration spells out God's dire extremity in getting a footing in human hearts and brains for His plans.

    And what, but for my presence of mind, might have been the dire results?

    Near the dire cell the dreadless wanderer oft Passes, as oft the ruffian shows his front.

    Despite his handsome income, he is frequently in dire need of money.

Word Origin & History of - dire

    Word Origin & History

    dire 1567, from L. dirus "fearful, awful, boding ill," from Oscan and Umbrian, cognate with Gk. deinos, from PIE base *dwei-.