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Word Example of - directory

    Example Sentences for directory

    Will the Directory stop further outrages on American commerce, ask the envoys?

    The directory meant more to Johnnie than ever had Cis's books.

    On their arrival the French Directory refused to recognize them.

    Malapert and Lehideux are still well represented in the Paris Directory.

    I looked him up in the Directory and the address is as you state.

    Quatresous and Sixdenier, still to be found in the Paris Directory.

    In September 1797 the French Directory made the unpardonable mistake of compelling her to prepare for a war to the knife.

    I went to the desk and asked for some wafers and a Directory.

    Some of the clauses we see are directory and others prohibitory.

    After 1848 he published nine volumes on the Convention and the Directory.

Word Origin & History of - directory

    Word Origin & History

    directory mid-15c. (adj.), from L. directorius; as a noun, 1540s, from M.L. directorium, noun use of neut. of directorius, from directus (see direct). Meaning "alphabetical listing of inhabitants of a region" is from 1732; listing of telephone numbers is from 1908.

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