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"disability Synonyms"

What is a better word for disability? What's another word for disability? What are 5 "disability synonyms"? How can I replace the word disability? What is the meaning of disability in English?

Word Example of - disability

    Example Sentences for disability

    After a workman had been seven years a member, the gild assured him a livelihood in case of disability from any cause.

    Take one child and put him under the disability that the twins were born with.

    This disability was removed in 1802, and much benefit is expected to result from this measure.

    Only how the bonfires wouldn't burn if it should turn out to be only a disability after all.

    His claim was rejected on the ground that there appeared to be no disability from that cause.

    They are not, being really due to the disability of the house-bound.

    At the Settlement she would have given no hint of any disability, and would have been the life and soul of the meeting.

    When we do it to gratify our slothfulness, or to cover our wilful ignorance and disability.

    The temptation to let you exaggerate my disability was too much for me.

    The law of 1837 gave pay to officers from the time of their disability.

Word Origin & History of - disability

    Word Origin & History

    disability 1570s, from disable + -ity. Related: Disabilities.