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Word Example of - disadvantageous

    Example Sentences for disadvantageous

    The seventh law, I humbly conceive, not differing in substance from my articles, nor disadvantageous to England.

    Now he had the injured sense of a man entrapped into a disadvantageous bargain.

    Politically we should, I think, find it most disadvantageous to have even the appearance of being on bad terms with France.

    These natural obstacles, meanwhile, were not disadvantageous to the rebels.

    So far this treaty, therefore, is evidently advantageous to Portugal, and disadvantageous to Great Britain.

    But the treaty with Sparta, if disadvantageous, was not dishonourable.

    Sickles found this ground low and disadvantageous as a fighting-place.

    The Plaza is paved with cobbles, which are disadvantageous for dancing.

    Mr. Hayne answered with warmth and resented as a reflection upon the slave States this disadvantageous comparison.

    The trial was disadvantageous for the hand-mules, being two for 360 spindles.

Word Origin & History of - disadvantageous

    Word Origin & History

    disadvantageous c.1600, from disadvantage + -ous.

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