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Word Example of - disaffected

    Example Sentences for disaffected

    Accordingly the outbreak of the second Sikh war, in 1848 found the disaffected chieftains ready for rebellion.

    At bottom these disaffected minds have too much misplaced self-respect.

    The absence of Joel cast a shade of doubt over the minds of the disaffected.

    The war continues to be carried on solely in the disaffected region.

    The fruit of their connection, if there were any, was always attached to the disaffected person.

    I am convinced that the proportion of disaffected men was comparatively small.

    On their arrival, he had intended the immediate discharge of the disaffected and the installing of the new men in their places.

    It has been said, it seems, that I not only belong to, but head a disaffected party in this town.

    Each placed himself at the head of the disaffected at their earnest importunity.

    Probably the Irishmen were disaffected; for many of them joined the enemy.

Word Origin & History of - disaffected

    Word Origin & History

    disaffected "estranged, hostile," usually in reference to authority, 1630s, from dis- "not" (see dis-) + affected (see affect). Related: Disaffection.

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