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Word Example of - disaffection

    Example Sentences for disaffection

    Perhaps the exaltation had mounted to my head; or nature and the perfect morning joined to hint at disaffection.

    It has been indicated that disaffection followed the elevation of Losada to the presidency.

    All these arguments were trumpeted by the malcontents, so that the whole kingdom echoed with the clamour of disaffection.

    There seems to be no ground for charging Torrington with disaffection.

    But to all these symptoms of disaffection Wilder remained, as before, utterly indifferent.

    Had disaffection appeared in the ranks of the League—at this, of all moments?

    The provincials are stronger than I supposed them to be, the disaffection wider, and the king is weaker than I thought.

    And then to think, too, of the half-heartedness and disaffection.

    The Americans from the beginning went in a spirit of revolt; the seed of disaffection was in every Puritan bosom.

    At this moment the Manx people showed signs of disaffection.

Word Origin & History of - disaffection

    Word Origin & History of disaffection

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