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Word Example of - disallow

    Example Sentences for disallow

    If the Council insisted on passing it, he might affix his signature but advise the King to disallow it.

    Had ancient times conspired to disallow What then was new, what had been ancient now?

    I was opposed to this project, and besought the Viceroy to disallow it.

    In each and every case Congress reserved the right to disallow these laws.

    They disallow that the good Samaritan and the Levite had exactly the same exterior stimuli.

    He prohibits unions which the Word of God does not disallow.

    They discourage and disallow some unworthy conceptions, and enlarge the scope of others.

    Now if you admit this, you disallow the Protagorean doctrine.

    We must also disallow appeals to the use of fire, the taming of animals, pottery, or clothing.

    They say it's cruel to disallow writing and visitors; but that's foolish, for what are writing and company but waste of time?

Word Origin & History of - disallow

    Word Origin & History

    disallow late 14c., "to refuse to praise," from O.Fr. desalouer "to blame" (see dis- + allow); meaning "to reject" is from 1550s.

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