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Word Example of - disappoint

    Example Sentences for disappoint

    Why could she not have known that her music-scholar was to disappoint her, and so had the benefit of a ride?

    He cannot lead us to the end and disappoint the craving He Himself set in us.

    It would be my business to disappoint him; and I assumed an air of confidence that soon shook off my companion.

    Now, to disappoint their just expectation would be almost unpardonable.

    “But that will disappoint my husband very much,” said Madame.

    Dear Girls: I am so sorry to disappoint you, but I cannot help it.

    Help us to bless Thee when the storms come to disappoint and destroy.

    For this reason—I must grieve papa and disappoint my mother.

    By this he drew round him crowds of dependants, whom he was sure to disappoint; yet wished to relieve.

    He seemed so anxious for the honour that Shelton was loath to disappoint him.

Word Origin & History of - disappoint

    Word Origin & History

    disappoint early 15c., from M.Fr. desappointer "undo the appointment, remove from office," from des- "dis" + appointer "appoint." Modern sense of "to frustrate expectations" (late 15c.) is from secondary meaning of "fail to keep an appointment." Related: Disappointing.

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