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Word Example of - disappointment

    Example Sentences for disappointment

    He then withdrew; but not without a bow to Ursula, in which there was more of sadness than disappointment.

    Blue is emblematic of failure, disappointment, or unsatisfied desire.

    Cannon did not suffer from any disappointment as to the quality of the liquor.

    I was told what became of him, but as it was a disappointment to me, I will not enter into details.

    Great was the disappointment of Albert; great was the indignation of Victoria.

    But some new "mistake in the process" again resulted in disappointment.

    The thought of the loss of the gold was forgotten in his disappointment at failure.

    Our disappointment was great when we saw her again standing on her course.

    Our supposed blessings often prove to us a source of disappointment and sorrow.

    She is quite unequal to encountering a disappointment of this crushing nature.

Word Origin & History of - disappointment

    Word Origin & History

    disappointment 1610s, "fact of disappointing," from disappoint + -ment. Meaning "state or feeling of being disappointed" is from 1756.

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