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Word Example of - disapproval

    Example Sentences for disapproval

    “My dear, I should be sorry if you did not,” he answered with dignity, and with a strong note of disapproval in his voice.

    The views expressed run to both extremes of approval and disapproval.

    At the sight of the pair he halted, looking at them in question, and with disapproval.

    Their disapproval was prompt and loud; their language mutinous.

    "And yet you think of being married, which it is not nice to speak of," said Lucy, with disapproval.

    Her disapproval of the arrangements she found there was decided.

    But not a few of its measures met with the disapproval of the Governor.

    Miss Kilrain looked at them coldly, one was conscious of her disapproval.

    Brownie was about to whisper his disapproval of this to Townsend but Townsend cut him short.

    The suitors shouted their disapproval, and he became confused and set it down.

Word Origin & History of - disapproval

    Word Origin & History

    disapproval 1660s, from disapprove + -al (2).

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