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Word Example of - disaster

    Example Sentences for disaster

    We have been informed that the disaster had been most severe.

    How much of the disaster was due to the Vatican will perhaps never be known.

    Vetch heard through the fog guns firing signals of distress; but three days passed before he knew how serious the disaster was.

    In the darkness they kept as near together as they could, to help one another in case of disaster.

    Unnerved as she had first been by the disaster, she realized that to give way to her trouble would not do the least bit of good.

    But everybody cannot know who did not know him how bravely he accepted his disaster.

    The joy it diffused throughout the colonies, long familiarised to disaster, was in proportion to their former disappointments.

    He had not begun to take account of stock of his own responsibility for this disaster.

    What one misfortune or disaster in the book of embryotic evils, that could unmechanize thy frame, or entangle thy filaments!

    Meanwhile, disaster had overtaken the French arms in the North.

Word Origin & History of - disaster

    Word Origin & History

    disaster 1580, from M.Fr. desastre (1564), from It. disastro "ill-starred," from dis- "away, without" + astro "star, planet," from L. astrum, from Gk. astron (see star). The sense is astrological, of a calamity blamed on an unfavorable position of a planet.

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