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Word Example of - disastrous

    Example Sentences for disastrous

    Shipwreck would be disastrous to Balboa and his people as well as to the voyagers.

    The effect of the fresh supply of fire-water was most disastrous.

    Too much rain at the beginning of the season is detrimental to the growth, while a very dry season is disastrous.

    Each night we take our chance of unavoidable and disastrous collision.

    Some eight years of the most disastrous War; and except the falling of Silesia to its new place, no result gained by it.

    Some of these attempts have been disastrous, but none fruitless.

    Business had been brought to a stand during the disastrous period which ensued the establishment of the Bank of the United States.

    They blamed not him but the disastrous training that had unfitted him for the command of men.

    Another week passed—the most disastrous that the besieged had gone through.

    But he was destined to reappear in a more public and disastrous manner.

Word Origin & History of - disastrous

    Word Origin & History

    disastrous 1580s, from Fr. désastreux (16c.), from désastre (see disaster).

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