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Word Example of - discard

    Example Sentences for discard

    Well, until we have permission to discard recitations, I presume we must go on with them, such as they are.

    If so, why had he decided to discard it and forget his new theory?

    He ceased these preparations long enough to toss his hat upon his coat and discard tie and collar.

    If there is no need of a bricklayer, we may discard also the brick-maker.

    To prepare the chili used in this dish: from two pods of dried red chili peppers take out all the seeds and discard them.

    The Reed girls could not discard their snobbishness all at once.

    Nay, but be calm a moment; 'twas from my regard to you that I did not discard her.

    Discard the golden-rod for the gentian, and in turn forsake the gentian for the twin-flower?

    Drury Lane did, for a few years, discard it in favour of spectacle, but ultimately found it advisable to return to Pantomime.

    I have too long tolerated them—henceforth, I discard and cast them off.'

Word Origin & History of - discard

    Word Origin & History

    discard 1590s, from dis- "away" (see dis-) + card (n.). In a non-gaming sense, first recorded 1590s. Related: Discarded.

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