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What is a better word for discerning? What's another word for discerning? What are 5 "discerning synonyms"? How can I replace the word discerning? What is the meaning of discerning in English?

Word Example of - discerning

    Example Sentences for discerning

    The keen visions of these birds are not slow in discerning through the gloomy recesses the presence of danger.

    An English judge and an English jury were to him the Palladium of discerning truth.

    Where sounds are lacking, of what use is the faculty of discerning them?

    It is little wonder that discerning people are not fond of the Cowbird.

    To none save a cold, discerning man from her own land was she transparent.

    “You are as discerning as ever,” murmured the land baron––for it was Edward Mauville.

    And Holmes pointed to Ajax's hoof, which his quick and discerning eyes had noticed while Olaf was making his long speech.

    "To the discerning eye," with a horrible screw of his gimlet one.

    It is not the business of a discerning patriot to sing pæans in his nation's honour.

    One of the troop was not long in discerning the young beauty.

Word Origin & History of - discerning

    Word Origin & History

    discerning c.1500, "discerning," a verbal noun from discern. As a pp. adj., attested from c.1600.