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Word Example of - discharge

    Example Sentences for discharge

    I was aroused by a discharge of cannon, and found the camp in commotion.

    It was clear that they were receiving the discharge of the wrath which was caused by somebody else.

    Nothing could turn him aside from the discharge of his duty.

    We had rockets on board, and I directed Ben to discharge one of them.

    Then, if you discharge me, I will fly for refuge to Mr. Pitkin.

    Now we must discharge from the word some of its ordinary associations.

    There seemed no loss of time between the action and the discharge.

    Peace is not bought by any victories; 'There is no discharge in that war.'

    Nevertheless, ordinarily the best way to discharge the load of a guilty conscience is by pilgrimage.

    The Frenchmen returned the salute by a discharge of their muskets and by three cheers.

Word Origin & History of - discharge

    Word Origin & History

    discharge early 14c., from O.Fr. deschargier "unload," from L.L. discarricare, from dis- "do the opposite of" + carricare "load." The electrical sense is first attested 1748. Related: Discharged.

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