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Word Example of - disclaim

    Example Sentences for disclaim

    And the scandal in such a case may be avoided, by declaring that I do disclaim their use and ends.

    He was beginning to disclaim all liability, when Siggers stopped him.

    He need hardly "disclaim all pretensions to such jurisdiction."

    He hastened to disclaim the extravagant generosity of which she accused him.

    I shall have to tell Don Ippolito that I'm ashamed of her, and disclaim all responsibility.

    I feel shame—bitter, bitter shame, that I cannot disclaim him—disavow him!

    He does not say by whom, but he seems to disclaim it as his own.

    There had been no scenes, and as she spoke he shook his head, intending to disclaim them.

    In fine, we disclaim all prejudice against the French nation.

    I do entreat you, sir, forget that I have a right as utterly as I disclaim it.

Word Origin & History of - disclaim

    Word Origin & History

    disclaim mid-15c., from Anglo-Fr. disclaimer, O.Fr. desclamer, from des- "dis-" + clamer (see claim).

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