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Word Example of - discomfiture

    Example Sentences for discomfiture

    The relics which it loves best are the relics of England's discomfiture.

    The ladies managed to keep their countenances, but Dujardin's discomfiture was evident.

    Sasha returned to his charmer, who, unfortunately, had witnessed his discomfiture.

    There was perplexity as well as discomfiture in the minds of his hearers.

    His discomfiture, however, quickly gave way before the humor of the situation, and he burst into a roar of laughter.

    Seeing her discomfiture, Constans believed that he was entitled to enjoy his triumph.

    Plaudits loud and long greeted this discomfiture of the Protestants by the infernal powers.

    The message that went back was of discomfiture and capitulation.

    Dreda put the question with the air of one launching a poser, but Mary Webster showed no signs of discomfiture.

    Richard secretly rejoiced at this discomfiture, but Philip was in a great rage.

Word Origin & History of - discomfiture

    Word Origin & History

    discomfiture M.E., from O.Fr. desconfiture "rout, defeat" (12c.; Mod. Fr. déconfiture), from M.L. disconficere "to rout, overthrow" (see discomfit).

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