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Word Example of - discomposure

    Example Sentences for discomposure

    The effect is to make Felix show visible signs of discomposure on his judgment-seat.

    He could not have expected to meet her here; and his discomposure was obvious.

    The Prime Minister showed no discomposure; his demeanor was wholly urbane and conciliatory.

    Though they walked in silence, Bob did not guess her discomposure.

    Bishen Singh, showing but little sign of discomposure, salaamed respectfully to the friends and departed.

    Kirsty's laughter blew Steenie's discomposure away, and he too laughed.

    "I say, I must look into that," said Atherstone, with discomposure.

    His face remained grave, but without the least trace of discomposure.

    His face was pale, his eyes red, and there was an air of discomposure about his whole person.

    Lady Blandish smiled, but the baronet's discomposure was not to be concealed.

Word Origin & History of - discomposure

    Word Origin & History of - discomposure

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