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Word Example of - disconsolation

    Example Sentences for disconsolation

    He seemed to be anxious to be rid of her, and she went away in some disconsolation at his abrupt change of manner.

    Then would anxiety, incertitude, and disconsolation possess the bosom of Melissa, until dissipated by his safe return.

    Dolf Springer sat on the door-step, his head hunched down between his shoulders, a very picture of disconsolation.

    The theme occasioned as much enthusiasm as could be expected from hearts saddened by disconsolation.

Word Origin & History of - disconsolation

    Word Origin & History

    disconsolate late 14c., from M.L. disconsolatus "comfortless," from L. dis- "away" + consolatus, pp. of consolari (see console (v.)). Related: Disconsolately.

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