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Word Example of - discontinue

    Example Sentences for discontinue

    Lucy Calvert came over as often as she was able; but at length she was compelled to discontinue her visits to Thorne.

    She entreats Maurice to discontinue a search which must prove fruitless.

    It is technically impossible to discontinue our military preparations which have been made necessary by the Austrian mobilization.

    The King of Spain did not discontinue sleeping with her until the 9th.

    There is a strong disposition in our countrymen to discontinue even these; and very possibly it may be done.

    In fact, one thing is clear to me, she must discontinue your acquaintanceship at once.

    He instructed Jacomet and his agents to draw up no more procs-verbaux, and to discontinue the watch.

    By-and-by she began to discontinue these visits to the schoolroom.

    That is to say, as he interpreted the injunction, he was not wholly to discontinue them, in order not to excite suspicion.

    Well, then, I shall ask you to allow me to discontinue this devotion after to-night.

Word Origin & History of - discontinue

    Word Origin & History

    discontinue late 15c., from O.Fr. discontinuer (14c.), from M.L. discontinuare, from dis- "not" (see dis-) + continuare "to continue" (see continue). Related: Discontinued; discontinuity; discontinuous.

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