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"discontinuity Synonyms"

What is a better word for discontinuity? What's another word for discontinuity? What are 5 "discontinuity synonyms"? How can I replace the word discontinuity? What is the meaning of discontinuity in English?

Word Example of - discontinuity

    Example Sentences for discontinuity

    The discontinuity of semi-accusation was bewildering, and refutation hung fire for a moment.

    This discontinuity of area must be taken along with two other facts.

    The discontinuity of farm objects on hand virtually rules out the telling of a coherent and complete history of agriculture.

    At any rate, it is somewhat above this discontinuity that magma is formed.

    When is it that we pass judgment on the discontinuity and incoherence between our successive dreams?

    But the inspection of these changes gives us no right to believe that there has been any discontinuity in natural processes.

    There will be no discontinuity then except on the 180th meridian.

    Discontinuity of moisture is the cause of deserts, just as continuity is the necessary condition of forest growth.

    The moments of discontinuity correspond to threshold values in the scale of human activity.

    Species are definitely discontinuous, and this is the only discontinuity which Nature shows us.

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    Word Origin & History of discontinuity

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