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What is a better word for discount? What's another word for discount? What are 5 "discount synonyms"? How can I replace the word discount? What is the meaning of discount in English?

Word Example of - discount

    Example Sentences for discount

    With this just estimate of himself—and with the promise of a discount on Thompson's car—he returned to his office in triumph.

    With this discount the charge against Chinese ignorance may be passed.

    We must discount by recorded facts the impression which might prim facie be left by these sweeping denunciations.

    Relics are certainly at a discount, even among the Catholics.

    The paper of the Bank of Kentucky was at a discount, and there was no hope of its improving.

    The "1880" Lace Cutter by mail for 50 cts.; discount to the trade.

    They are liable for approving the discount of notes known to be worthless or of so doubtful value as to be obviously unsafe.

    I will discount your note for ten thousand dollars for three years at that rate.

    Police, however, discount this idea, as there was a roll of wire only a few feet from the body.

    Social reformers are not in request there, however, and morality is at a discount.

Word Origin & History of - discount

    Word Origin & History

    discount 1620s, alteration of Fr. décompte, from O.Fr. descont, from desconter "count out" (13c.), from des- "away" + conter "to count" (see count (v.)). Related: Discounted.