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Word Example of - discouragement

    Example Sentences for discouragement

    They are suffering from a mental disease of discouragement and loss of hope.

    The goddess Pele has resigned the foreigner in discouragement.

    The lack of a practical easel will cost you far more in trouble and discouragement than the saving will make up for.

    Everywhere he found proof of Fogg's neat work of discouragement.

    For a minute or two he sat down and howled from sheer lonesomeness and discouragement.

    Every thought of sickness, sin or discouragement is recorded or bodied forth.

    "Ah," there was a tinge of discouragement in the other's voice.

    But there is in present tendencies no need for discouragement.

    I want people to move to get what they want in spite of any discouragement anybody throws at them.

    In spite of discouragement, he was going to be very nice indeed.

Word Origin & History of - discouragement

    Word Origin & History of - discouragement

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