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What is a better word for discourse? What's another word for discourse? What are 5 "discourse synonyms"? How can I replace the word discourse? What is the meaning of discourse in English?

Word Example of - discourse

    Example Sentences for discourse

    IĀ could not follow his discourse well, and was very much fatigued by my days walk.

    They could discourse on the wonders of creation, and the goodness of God!

    A very feeling individual application of the subject to the congregation concluded the discourse.

    There's as many doubles and twists in these mountains as there are in a lawyer's discourse!

    Meanwhile, with Ninetta, I discourse sweet nothings in my choicest idiom which has grown rather rusty in England.

    I could not give the discourse, even if it would be wise to do so.

    After the discourse, I was introduced to the speaker by my friend, who invited us both to dine at his house.

    Adhere to the truth, and you will always exhibit charity in your discourse.

    The girl had learnt nothing from the scribbling nor from the discourse.

    All that has been said in this discourse is to be taken in connection with this fundamental truth.

Word Origin & History of - discourse

    Word Origin & History

    discourse late 14c., alteration of L. discursus "a running about," in L.L. "conversation," from stem of discurrere "run about," from dis- "apart" + currere "to run." Sense of "formal speech or writing" is first recorded 1580s.