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Word Example of - discredit

    Example Sentences for discredit

    Things have taken place that may be explained in two ways; both explanations do you discredit.

    Such a reason was no discredit to the Rhos; therefore it was the harder to accept.

    The house of Falconer, like the house of Seton in old days, was of prompt ire, and its sole daughter did it no discredit.

    But he tells me something about the boiler before he goes—not to my discredit.

    Is it to her discredit that she differs from so many of the noble ladies in Rome?

    Obviously the statement is intended to discredit the educated Indian.

    There is no doubt that we could discredit the evidence, and even smash it up in cross-examination.

    This error of Gall and Spurzheim did a great deal to discredit their system.

    What he had done at Manila was a daring deed enough, and is a story in itself, and nothing much to his discredit.

    I could not die in peace were it not for the thought that I bring no discredit upon it.

Word Origin & History of - discredit

    Word Origin & History

    discredit 1550s, from dis- "opposite of" + credit. Related: Discredited.

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