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What is a better word for discriminating? What's another word for discriminating? What are 5 "discriminating synonyms"? How can I replace the word discriminating? What is the meaning of discriminating in English?

Word Example of - discriminating

    Example Sentences for discriminating

    Moreover, he is singularly just and discriminating in the use of all documents and authorities at his command.

    A discriminating eye for harmonizing colours is also a great advantage.

    It has become wonderfully acute in discriminating true and false lore.

    There are two lives written since his death that are complete and discriminating.

    How often in later life I blessed the discriminating collectors of that library!

    She was an intelligent mother, discriminating in taste and judgment.

    It requires keen and discriminating judgment to allocate specimens with passing exactitude as to time and place.

    “Really, a most discriminating journalist,” interjected Alice.

    As her discriminating eye was quick in discerning his penitence, so her forgiveness was quick in meeting his sin.

    And I have had at all times the patient and discriminating assistance of my wife.

Word Origin & History of - discriminating

    Word Origin & History

    discriminating "possessing discernment," 1792, from discriminate.