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Word Example of - disease

    Example Sentences for disease

    Intemperance may be approached from the standpoint of disease or immorality.

    People suffered and died, ignorant of what produced their disease.

    This disease is caused by an excessive determination of blood to the head.

    And now that she has developed the disease she is going to join her mother at the settlement.

    I got infected with her fears; it was as if I had caught an infection of disease.

    Moreover, we cited health and disease, odd and even, as instances.

    Such men, too, it may be added, are much more liable to the attacks of disease than those who totally abstain from alcohol.

    Health and disease are contraries: neither of them is true or false.

    Now we come to the excessive urinary discharge which is so strong a feature of this disease.

    What must it be to be dogged by a disease as relentlessly as the typhoid had dogged her?

Word Origin & History of - disease

    Word Origin & History

    disease early 14c., "discomfort," from O.Fr. desaise, from des- "without, away" (see dis-) + aise "ease" (see ease). Sense of "sickness, illness" first recorded late 14c.; the word still sometimes was used in its lit. sense early 17c. Related: Diseased.

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