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Word Example of - disembark

    Example Sentences for disembark

    Orders were at once issued for the troops not to disembark at Milliken's Bend, but to remain as they were on board the transports.

    At the head of the Falls I disembark my first contingent,—say the ‘Greenways’ one.

    A rickety team awaits us at the lock-house where we disembark.

    She perceived her mistake just in time to run herself ashore, and disembark her crew.

    But again, to allow the latter to disembark would be to furnish me with auxiliaries and render mine the stronger side.

    This was a convenient place for him to disembark, and he pulled in his tender to the pier.

    It was about three o'clock in the afternoon that the order to disembark was received.

    For a certain reason we had to disembark at Madras and return home to Calcutta.

    The orders of the Commander are for the Americans to disembark!

    Then the note of a bugle close at hand startled us, and Ludar bade us disembark.

Word Origin & History of - disembark

    Word Origin & History

    disembark 1580s, from M.Fr. desembarquer; see dis- + embark. Related: Disembarkation; disembarked.

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