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Word Example of - disembarkation

    Example Sentences for disembarkation

    The commencement of the journey from the farm of disembarkation lay along what is known as corduroy boards.

    Hippias made all the arrangements, and superintended the disembarkation.

    The first encounter had with the Indians, preceded the disembarkation of the company of adventurers.

    A crowd of natives on horseback were waiting for them at the place of disembarkation.

    On the following morning the sun shone forth, and the disembarkation continued.

    Until these look-outs returned he would permit no disembarkation from his ships.

    About noon our ship pulled into the dock, and the gangways were put out, and disembarkation began.

    Details as to disembarkation of these horses will be forwarded to you later.

    These concurring reasons induced the commanders to postpone the disembarkation to a more favourable opportunity.

    While discussing this disembarkation we argued concerning the Locri Ozolae.

Word Origin & History of - disembarkation

    Word Origin & History

    disembark 1580s, from M.Fr. desembarquer; see dis- + embark. Related: Disembarkation; disembarked.

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