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Word Example of - disgrace

    Example Sentences for disgrace

    It will only be by your own disgrace that I shall have news of you.

    It was thought a disgrace to give a daughter into the power of an outsider.

    Yes, yes; but the disgrace of it if she should end her days there.

    It is a disgrace for a family to have in it an unmarried marriageable girl.

    Oh, this disgrace is more shocking than all my other sufferings.

    It was no disgrace to a family to have a daughter living this life.

    No punishment, not even blood, will be able to wash out the disgrace you have suffered through me.

    Elizabeth knew that her disgrace was meant as a solemn warning to him.

    I could see that on this side of my wedding-day there lay for him the chance that the disgrace might come at any moment.

    Betty was locked in her room in disgrace, for running away to seek her fortune.

Word Origin & History of - disgrace

    Word Origin & History

    disgrace 1540s, from M.Fr. disgracier, from It. disgraziare, from disgrazia "misfortune, deformity," from dis- "opposite of" (see dis-) + grazia "grace" (see grace). Related: Disgraced.

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