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Word Example of - disguise

    Example Sentences for disguise

    For Edwin disdained the employment of falsehood and disguise.

    She had the boldness to disguise herself and come and see me at the inn.

    With the help of the Colonna, who conducted him to Marino, he reached Ferrara in disguise.

    Call her Hecate, and she will bear any disguise, however fanciful.

    In color he was manifestly white, for all that dirt and the weather could do to disguise it.

    Yet the lad was in a hazardous situation, and to himself he did not disguise the fact.

    Cumberland has blamed the manner, in which Volpone brings ruin on his head by insulting, in disguise, those whom he had duped.

    At the surrender he had the foresight to disguise himself as an Arab.

    This, so far as I personally am concerned, has been the humorous side of my little drama of disguise!

    I believe the pretty ones are here, though in seclusion or disguise.

Word Origin & History of - disguise

    Word Origin & History of disguise

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