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Word Example of - dishonest

    Example Sentences for dishonest

    If a dishonest man had not deprived me of fifteen hundred francs a year I could save this or that poor family.'

    I am not aware that any of us are guilty of dishonest actions.

    Here, at any rate, are no great names to scare us into dishonest admiration.

    It wasn't that he was dishonest; he simply couldn't be trusted to do anything properly.

    The same observations are to be made in regard to dishonest witnesses who, when pressed to think hard, only simulate doing so.

    And I tell you, Marche, that I am not dishonest by nature or in my character.

    It is high time that a stop was put to this lavish expenditure, and especially to the losses by dishonest agents.

    The dishonest valet was apprehended, and the property recovered.

    “The other for the fight,” I said, feeling pleased to have met a Chinaman who was not dishonest and grasping.

    Practices the most dishonest and demoralizing were winked at or excused.

Word Origin & History of - dishonest

    Word Origin & History

    dishonest late 14c., from O.Fr. deshonesté (13c., Mod.Fr. déshonnêteté), perhaps from a M.L. or Gallo-Rom. compound of L. dis- "not" + honestus "honorable" (see honest). The L. form was dehonestus.

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