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Word Example of - dishonor

    Example Sentences for dishonor

    His life is in his own hands, put there by you, and he must make it into a vessel of honor or dishonor.

    He said that it is only a passing emotion, "an apprehension of dishonor."

    Eet is not now—the last of the race—who shall confess that he haf sit at a board of disgrace and dishonor!'

    I beseech you let not the truth of my dishonor be known abroad.

    But his private character, like his public, knew no dishonor.

    Mizora, as a nation, or an individual representative, was incapable of dishonor.

    Outraged, despised, and black, she yet preferred death to dishonor.

    No one ever knew, monseigneur; to speak her name was to dishonor it.

    Here extremes meet; and death, whether for honor or dishonor, is all the same—death—and is reserved for desperate cases.

    Like every one else, I think there should be no dishonor in examinations.

Word Origin & History of - dishonor

    Word Origin & History

    dishonor c.1300, from dis- "the opposite of" (see dis-) + honor (v.).

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