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Word Example of - disintegrate

    Example Sentences for disintegrate

    Matter in an unstable condition tends either to explode or to grow or to disintegrate.

    When I die my cherished soul will disintegrate into nothing.

    When the ocyte is full grown, the residual ogonia die off and disintegrate.

    Cal wondered whether the orders to disintegrate had been a bluff.

    According to the Cardinal, the only business of nature is to disintegrate the supernatural.

    That is the point at which families innumerable have begun to disintegrate.

    As at present constituted, it is an incongruous mass, ready to disintegrate and form other affinities.

    He's not very solid, yet, I suppose, and I might disintegrate him.

    A little before eight they begin to disintegrate and break up; the sea becomes turbid and milky, and when it clears they are gone.

    In other cases they are said to disintegrate after their work is done.

Word Origin & History of - disintegrate

    Word Origin & History

    disintegrate 1796, from dis- "do the opposite of" (see dis-) + integrate. Related: Disintegrated; disintegrating; disintegration.

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