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Word Example of - dislocation

    Example Sentences for dislocation

    Yet it often happens that there is no irregularity at the surface to betray the existence of a dislocation.

    Bind them to the dislocation or fracture, and it will effect a cure.

    The long, underground journey had completed the dislocation of the broken collar-bone, and the disorder there was serious.

    There was no dislocation, the doctors told her, but a very bad wrench.

    A large part of the crust block to the west of this dislocation also sank down.

    Admirable, too, is the Hippocratic description of dislocation of the shoulder and of the jaw.

    The well known story of the French surgeon about to set a dislocation is a typical demonstration.

    This ligament is ruptured in certain severe cases of dislocation of the hip.

    But Mr. Withers would have none of this dislocation of the unities.

    We reduced the dislocation, and then carried Mr Cophagus up to his bed.

Word Origin & History of - dislocation

    Word Origin & History

    dislocation c.1400, originally of bones, from O.Fr. dislocation (14c.), or directly from M.L. dislocationem, noun of action from dislocare (see dislocate). General sense is from c.1600.

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