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Word Example of - disloyalty

    Example Sentences for disloyalty

    Captain General, it hurts my soul to say it, but there is disloyalty on the ships—it is everywhere.

    The thought seemed like disloyalty, so I banished it and went to bed.

    He grew ashamed of himself, realizing that a foolish and unwarrantable jealousy had led him into a species of disloyalty.

    There must be no risk of disloyalty to Evelyn, were it only in thought.

    And they rouse within Hindu youth who go to England a radical spirit of discontent and disloyalty.

    Then she could take him to task and punish him for his disloyalty to Will.

    Her face flamed hotly; for, to the mountain idea, disloyalty to "kith and kin" is the most unpardonable of offenses.

    Her relief was not unmixed, for at times she felt convicted of disloyalty.

    In all Bernards writings is not one word of disloyalty to what he thought was right, not a trace of the hypocrite.

    It was the only thing to do, and yet it seemed almost like disloyalty to Malcolm Dunn.

Word Origin & History of - disloyalty

    Word Origin & History

    disloyalty early 15c., from M.Fr. desloyaulte, from O.Fr. desloialteit, from desloial (see disloyal).