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Word Example of - dismantle

    Example Sentences for dismantle

    "You can bet their first reaction would be to dismantle the ship at sight," Garth informed him.

    To-morrow, when they begin to dismantle my nurseries, I do not know how I shall bear it.

    This done, it was thought prudent to dismantle and evacuate the stockade.

    I'll have to send a truck after it, and dismantle it before I can get it home.

    Linda had shown both temper and determination at the proposal to dismantle the library and dispose of the cars.

    We had to dismantle the machinery and load everything of any value on to a train.

    Next day I found quite a squad of light-duty men, and sent 'em to dismantle and bring down Chaucer's hut.

    It really was wonderful how short a time it took to dismantle a home that had been running for years.

    But the President, during our stay, sold the brass guns, and proceeded to dismantle parts of it.

    And the work of devastation went on rapidly: it is so easy, alas, to dismantle a cottage with its but and ben.

Word Origin & History of - dismantle

    Word Origin & History

    dismantle 1570s, from M.Fr. desmanteler "to tear down the walls of a fortress," lit. "strip of a cloak," from des- "off, away" + manteler "to cloak" (see mantle). Related: Dismantled; dismantling.

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