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Word Example of - dismiss

    Example Sentences for dismiss

    He swears, also, to dismiss all foreign troops within four days.

    Thomson had many enemies, and Pope was persuaded to dismiss him.

    Can you not dismiss the subject from your mind for a time, Homer?

    You can accept the truths and dismiss into oblivion the men from whom you got them.

    Let us dismiss this sentimental conception and consider the facts squarely.

    But we may dismiss this fear as altogether needless and unworthy.

    When left to himself he could not dismiss from his thoughts the remark made by his sister.

    We may dismiss the deer-stealing rumour as referring to this period.

    At last I stood silent, waiting till he should be pleased to dismiss me.

    They took care not to dismiss a man who worked the better the less they paid him.

Word Origin & History of - dismiss

    Word Origin & History

    dismiss early 15c., from O.Fr. desmis, from M.L. dismissus, from L. dimissus, pp. of dimittere "send away," from di- "apart, away" + mittere "send, let go." Prefix altered by analogy with many dis- verbs. Dismit, in the same sense, is attested from late 14c. Related: Dismissed.

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