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Word Example of - dismount

    Example Sentences for dismount

    Both gentlemen stepped down to the horse block to meet and help her to dismount.

    Will you not direct your men to dismount and rest their zebras?

    On entering the town, I was obliged to dismount and proceed on foot.

    Now the rider had come up to the farm, but though he drew up, he did not dismount.

    She was glad when finally an order was given by Ricker to dismount and the blindfold was removed from their eyes.

    The steepness of the declivity made it necessary for Orso to dismount.

    When he reached the adventurer, the latter rose, bowed respectfully, and assisted him to dismount.

    When we get to the Cross of Santa Christina, you'll have to dismount.

    He took hold of the prince’s reins, and said: ‘Dismount, man-child!

    Five more of you dismount, and deploy there on the other side of the road.

Word Origin & History of - dismount

    Word Origin & History

    dismount 1530s, from dis- + mount (v.). Related: Dismounted.

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