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Word Example of - disorder

    Example Sentences for disorder

    By a simple sic jubeo it posits a disorder which is an "absence of order."

    The enemy could be heard retreating in disorder before them.

    Riot and disorder too often characterized the events of that season.

    The Master never talked of goblins, strength, disorder, or spirits.

    Artillery, wagons and ammunition piled up in disorder; from people along the way reports of fighting.

    He exposes the disorder of his conduct in early years with little scruple.

    In the disorder and confusion following the surrender a few of us made our escape.

    They were intemperate and thriftless, and passed the voyage in disorder.

    During the attacks of this disorder “he felt shocks in his limbs, became giddy, and at last lost consciousness.”

    Thus early in the campaign did they throw all into disorder.

Word Origin & History of - disorder

    Word Origin & History

    disorder late 15c., from dis- "not" (see dis-) + the verb order (see order). Replaced earlier disordeine (mid-14c.), from O.Fr. desordainer, from M.L. disordinare "throw into disorder," from L. dis- "take away" + ordinare "to order, regulate." Related: Disordered.

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