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The Synonym of - disorientation (noun)

Word Example of - disorientation

    Example Sentences for disorientation

    The feeling of disorientation and foreignness was new to Perry.

    There was an elusive sense of disorientation, a feeling of something overlooked.

    Disorientation is a state of mental confusion as to time, place, or identity.

    You are suffering from distorted perception—illusions and hallucinations, disorientation.

    The sense of disorientation set up by the tractors was subsiding.

    This morning, however, the sense of disorientation did not pass with full wakefulness.

    Drugged with fatigue, the younger man slept, awaking to full day, a fog of bewilderment and disorientation.

    The disorientation continues with Bell's suggestion to travel south or west.

    We jumped again, the sickness of disorientation forcing a moan from the girl, and darkness shivered round us.

Word Origin & History of - disorientation

    Word Origin & History of - disorientation

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