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Word Example of - disown

    Example Sentences for disown

    Mr. Rochester, allow me to disown my first answer: I intended no pointed repartee: it was only a blunder.

    From that time he thought fit to disown your humble servant.

    Nothing more decidedly marked the crisis which had arrived, than the fact that every one hastened to disown railways.

    The present duty was to disown and withstand his son in law.

    For the future we disown both, and wish to be steady in our proceedings, and serious in our punishments.

    Some one informed his father, who threatened to disown him if he married her.

    Are you so disappointed in me, you are going to disown me now?

    It did not occur to this young lady to try to disown the substitute.

    Denonville sent a message to disown the act of Adario, they put no faith in it, but burned for revenge.

    Do you mean, I said, that you disown the love of the person whom he says that you love?

Word Origin & History of - disown

    Word Origin & History

    disown c.1620, from dis- + own (v.).

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