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Word Example of - disparage

    Example Sentences for disparage

    Nevis was far too astute to disparage the man he did not like openly to his wife, so he made a sign of assent.

    By this I do not mean to disparage such tools as implements of war.

    It was stressed by his friends to advertise his personality and by his enemies to disparage it.

    There is no reason to exalt or to disparage either at the expense of the other.

    To praise one above his merits, is as fatal to his consideration, as decidedly to disparage him.

    (cried she) what doings are these, to disgrace your own character, and disparage your family?'

    One ventures to disparage them only because they do not turn out the most perfect possible work.

    Nothing is more unjust than to disparage one sex relatively to the other.

    I have no inclination to disparage other men whom I meet on my walk.

    It would have its work done, and be free to disparage those who have laboured for it.'

Word Origin & History of - disparage

    Word Origin & History

    disparage early 14c., from O.Fr. desparagier "reduce in rank, degrade," originally "to cause to marry unequally," and thus by extension the disgrace or dishonor involved in this, from des- "away" + parage "rank, lineage" (see peer (n.)). Sense of "belittle" first recorded 1530s. Related: Disparaged; disparaging; disparagingly.

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