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Word Example of - disparagement

    Example Sentences for disparagement

    Be not hasty to believe flying reports to the disparagement of any.

    It is no disparagement of the artistic soul to say that it likes manure.

    I hate to say one word of disparagement about a performance for which I could never be sufficiently grateful.

    I have said in the Preface that nothing is known to Earle's disparagement.

    Only Her Imperial Highness doesn't see the obloquy,—sarcasm, cynicism and disparagement being royalty's every-day diet.

    It is no disparagement of Walpole to say he is unworthy of you, for who would be worthy?

    He exalted himself to the disparagement of his Maker; and God, therefore, scourged and hid him from your knowledge.

    It is no disparagement to truth, that it can only prevail where reason prevails.

    It is no disparagement of you or of myself to say that no boy could appreciate you.

    This remark is no disparagement of Macaulay's genius, but a classification of it.

Word Origin & History of - disparagement

    Word Origin & History

    disparagement late 15c., from O.Fr. desparagement, from desparagier (see disparage).

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