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Word Example of - dispatch

    Example Sentences for dispatch

    His plan was to light the candle, dispatch a porter with the message, and bolt for home.

    He has a strong Secretariat to help in the dispatch of business.

    In the first place, he must, with the one bullet already in his gun, dispatch the two Indians who sat on the log.

    You may dispatch Dr. Darst with a check to get the money for you and himself.

    In the dispatch to M. Pageot we gave the views of our Government on this question.

    He was loosening the ground about the roses, with delicacy and dispatch.

    Don Perez, afraid to encounter with Don Gaspar, has hired bravos to dispatch him.

    The first impulse was to dispatch Robert with the note to Mrs. Hilbrough.

    With neatness and dispatch he guided the brig across the dangerous waters of the Atlantic and into her haven.

    A dispatch was immediately sent to the Governor, at Albany, apprising him of these facts.

Word Origin & History of - dispatch

    Word Origin & History

    dispatch 1510s, "to send off in a hurry," from Sp. despachar "expedite, hasten," probably opposite of O.Prov. empachar "impede," either from Gallo-Romance *impactare, frequentative of L. pingere "dash against," or ult. from L. pedica "shackle" (see impeach). Meaning "to get rid of by killing" is attested from 1520s. Noun sense of "a message sent speedily" is first attested 1580s. Related: Dispatched; dispatcher.

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