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Word Example of - dispensation

    Example Sentences for dispensation

    By the horse, singly considered, we are to understand a dispensation of providence.

    This is your generation, this is your dispensation, this is your wisdom.

    Here also the clergy may remove the impediment by dispensation.

    But only for a secret and politic consideration, which we call oikonomian or dispensation.

    The cost of the briefs to Bertran was 250 ducats for the commission and 50 for the dispensation.

    She did not weep nor wail at the death or the sickness but accepted the dispensation.

    He decided that if each would build and endow an Abbey, as well as a hospital for the blind, he would grant them dispensation.

    The monk obtained a dispensation from his vows, and married the young girl.

    The Christian dispensation is attended with greater clearness.

    “Well, Mrs. Feathertop, this is a dispensation,” said Mrs. Scratchard.

Word Origin & History of - dispensation

    Word Origin & History

    dispensation late 14c., from O.Fr. despensation, from L. dispensatio "management, charge," from pp. stem of dispensare (see dispense). Theological sense is from being used to translate Gk. oikonomoia "office, method of administration."

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