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Word Example of - display

    Example Sentences for display

    Caper's painting for the display was rejected for some reason.

    Never before had there been so shameful a display of the white feather.

    Besides the cleanup features a display of toilet articles and wearing apparel had to be made.

    It is extraordinary, the skill the Indians will display on these occasions.

    Seek to govern your own household by the display of high moral excellence.

    The blinding flashes of lightning had been the display of genuine electricity.

    Then he began to display a quite unprecedented liberality in providing Rhoda's clothes.

    On the contrary, they all display violent contrasts of color.

    Such persons can alone afford to be proud, yet these of all others make the least display and think most humbly of themselves.'

    In this exhibit the display of patchwork is sure to arouse the liveliest enthusiasm.

Word Origin & History of - display

    Word Origin & History

    display late 13c., from O.Fr. despleier "unfold, spread out," from L. displicare "to scatter," from dis- "un-, apart" + plicare "to fold" see ply (v.)). Properly of sails or flags (and unconnected to play), meaning of "reveal, exhibit" is late 14c. Related: Displayed.

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