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Word Example of - disposition

    Example Sentences for disposition

    It must be quickly, for I know not what the Queen's disposition of me may be.

    As soon as they were gone we thought it was time to attend to the disposition of the prisoners.

    Now, as then, she felt no disposition to weep or lament; the fountains of her heart were frozen, and she was numb with pain.

    There was evidently a diversity of opinion among them, as to the disposition they should make of their captives.

    I suppose I have a sort of Mark Tapley disposition, and get jolly under difficulties.

    Their Indian attendants now manifested a disposition to leave them, which caused the Frenchmen great alarm.

    Mr. Vholes's office, in disposition retiring and in situation retired, is squeezed up in a corner and blinks at a dead wall.

    Let us be glad, therefore, that we differ from one another in form and in disposition.

    Petitions from opposite quarters with regard to the disposition of the fund attest a prevailing interest.

    Tell your father their nature and disposition is nothing new to me.

Word Origin & History of - disposition

    Word Origin & History

    disposition late 14c., "ordering, management," also "tendency of mind," from Fr. disposition (12c.), from L. dispositionem (nom. dispositio), noun of action from dispositus, pp. of disponere "to set in different places," from dis- + ponere "to place" (see position). Associated in O.Fr. with dispose and thus in English. References to "temperament" are from astrological use of the word for "position of a planet as a determining influence."

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